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Freeport Self Storage has the answers to your frequently asked questions regarding self storage units. Find your answers, and then find a self storage unit!

How much does storage cost?

The cost of storage depends on the amount of space that you rent. View our size guide and unit rates to help estimate the amount of the space you’ll need and how much it will cost. A storage professional on our staff can also help – call the office today if you’d rather speak with someone.

What is the largest storage unit?

The largest single storage unit at Freeport Self Storage is a 10x40, but if you need more space, we can accommodate you with several units. We will discount your storage fee for multiple unit rentals.

Do you sell boxes and packing supplies?

Yes. We sell moving boxes and packing supplies. Don’t see something you need? Just ask and we’ll be happy to find it for you.

Do you rent trucks?

Yes, we have a rental truck. Freeport Self Storage has a 15-foot box truck with cargo ramps. The truck is easy to drive and doesn’t require a special license. The cost to rent our truck includes hourly or daily, mileage, and insurance fees plus replacement of gas. A refundable security deposit is also required. You’ll need to provide your driver’s license, auto insurance card, and payment at the time of rental.

A FREE truck rental offer is available for qualifying new customers.

Do you refer movers?

Yes, we refer movers. There are many moving companies and many types of movers. We only refer movers that have proven to take good care of our customers. Call the office today if you need a reference.

Do you offer discounts for seniors and the military?

Yes! We offer discounts to seniors and the military. We also offer a first responder discount!

Will I need storage insurance?

Freeport Self Storage provides a tenant protection plan to each customer based on the value of the items being stored. The tenant protection plan comes in three tiers starting at $12 per month for a $2,000 limit, $15 per month for a $3,000 limit, and $22 per month for a $5,000 limit. Our tenant protection plan offers industry-leading protection with no deductibles and covers nearly any major loss that could happen at our facility.

Do I have to commit to a long-term rental?

No! Freeport Self Storage rents storage on a month-to-month basis so you don’t have to commit to a long-term rental. Freeport Self Storage will provide you with a written occupancy agreement that indicates your rights and responsibilities.

Do you accept deliveries?

Yes. Freeport Self Storage does accept deliveries for our business customers. We are sales rep specialists so we’ll accept your delivery, put it into your storage unit, and keep a log of the delivery. We’ll even call you to let you know the delivery arrived.

What do I do with any garbage or things that I don’t want?

Freeport Self Storage has a strict policy against leaving garbage at the facility. This policy benefits all of our customers by keeping the facility clean and free of fire hazards. We can arrange for dumpster service or recommend charities for the donation of your unwanted goods. Freeport Self Storage does allow all of our customers to use a cardboard recycling dumpster for FREE!

How much storage will I need?

The size of the storage unit depends on the number of items that you are storing. View our size guide to help estimate the amount of the space you’ll need. Our goal is to rent you the smallest storage unit that you’ll need and have you pack it full. You decide if you want a larger space. A storage professional on our staff can also help – call the office today if you’d rather speak with someone.

Is there a manager on-site?

There is always on-site staff when the facility is open. You don’t need to make an appointment to rent storage, buy boxes or rent our truck. Our storage advisors are always available to assist you.

Are hand trucks or moving carts available?

Yes. Freeport Self Storage provides hand trucks and courtesy carts for our storage customers free of charge. We also have a mobile freight lift to unload trucks.

Do you store business files?

Yes. We have many small and large businesses that store their business files at this facility. It is an economical way for lawyers, accountants, doctors, hospitals, financial companies and other businesses to store their files.

How do I get started?

Call or stop-by today and we’ll help you with all your storage needs!

When will I have access to my storage unit?

You will have unlimited access to your storage unit when the facility is open. Freeport Self Storage is open from 8am - 7pm from Monday through Saturday and from 10am - 5pm on Sunday. After-hours access is available for drive-up storage units.

How can I pay my storage bill?

Freeport Self Storage accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, personal checks, money orders, credit cards — MasterCard, Visa, Discover and AMEX. Only cash or credit cards are accepted for new storage rentals, truck rentals, and box sales. Online payments and automatic credit card processing available.

Where is Freeport Self Storage?

Freeport Self Storage is located at 73 E. Merrick Road in Freeport, NY. Freeport is located on the South Shore of Long Island in Nassau County. Freeport Self Storage is located ¼ mile west of the Meadowbrook Parkway at the Home Depot/Staples shopping center.

What kind of lock do I need?

Freeport Self Storage only uses a pick-proof cylinder lock on every storage unit door. Freeport Self Storage will provide you with a lock and three keys when you rent a storage unit. For your security, we do not keep a key nor do we have a master key to open your lock. A one-time, non-refundable $10 lock charge is required at the time of storage rental.

How do I protect my possessions from moisture?

Moisture is one of the greatest threats to the items that you store. There are several simple precautions to take when storing your possessions: place a plastic tarp on the floor and on top of your possessions, elevate your possessions off the floor, and use waterproof containers to store valuables, clothing and books. Our entire facility is climate-controlled and we provide plastic pallets to keep your storage off the ground.

Is the facility safe?

Freeport Self Storage has staff on site during all access hours to ensure the safety of all of our customers and the items in their storage units. Our hallways are well lit with intercoms for contact to the office throughout the buildings. Fire Alarms and a fire sprinkler system are monitored 24/7 in the event of a fire.

Is the facility secure?

The security of our customer's possessions is our top priority. Our state of the art access control system, pick-proof cylinder locks, video monitoring, and on-site staff ensure that your belongings are safe.

Is the facility clean?

Freeport Self Storage has a full-time maintenance staff that makes sure that our entire facility and every storage unit is kept spotless. We take pride in having a clean office and providing our customers with clean storage units, hallways, and restrooms.

How long has Freeport Self Storage been in business?

Freeport Self Storage opened for business in December 1997. It is family owned and operated so you’ll see the same friendly staff every time you visit our facility.

Is Freeport Self Storage a member of any business groups?

Freeport Self Storage is a member of the Freeport Chamber of Commerce, the National Self-Storage Association, and the New York State Self Storage Association. The owner is a former Director of the Freeport Chamber of Commerce.

What are your office and access hours?

The facility is open and staffed from 8am - 7pm from Monday to Saturday and from 10am - 5pm on Sunday.

When should I reserve a storage unit?

You can reserve a storage unit up to 7 days in advance on our website. We always recommend that you look at the unit before moving your items in. You can transfer units or sizes at any time, so that you are in the ideal space for your needs.

How do I rent a unit?

You can rent your storage unit online today or stop by our office during business hours and our staff will be happy to take care of you. Contactless rentals are available online and on-site.

Your Self Storage Questions Answered by Freeport Self Storage

The friendly staff at Freeport Self Storage has put together a list of answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For pricing information, check out our rates page. For help selecting the best unit for your needs, check out our handy size guide.

We also provide helpful tips for packing and organizing your unit.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, contact our storage professionals.

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