Truck Rentals

Hourly and daily rentals available

Moving Truck in Freeport, NY

Rent a moving truck by the hour or the day!

Your moving day is approaching. How are you going to move your belongings? Use your friend's pickup truck? Hire a mover? Or rent a truck from us? 

We rent our moving truck out for daily and hourly use. You don't have to be a storage customer! Use of our 15' Easy Mover rental truck makes moving day a breeze. 

The truck is equipped with a hand truck, roll-up door, cargo ramp, and automatic transmission. 

Call our office to schedule your truck rental today!

Freeport Moving Truck

Here are some important details about our truck rental:

  • Rent the truck by the hour, 1/2 day or day
  • New storage customers can rent the truck for FREE as an incentive (gas, protection plan fee & deposit required)
  • The cost to rent the truck includes daily, mileage, and protection plan fees, plus the replacement of gas
  • A refundable security deposit is required
  • Driver’s license, auto insurance card, and deposit due at the time of rental