Moving Supplies

Your one-stop shop for moving in Freeport, NY

Your One-Stop Shop For Moving

Freeport SELF STORAGE offers One-Stop-Shopping for all of your storage needs. We offer the following boxes and moving supplies to make your move easier:

Small boxes

1.5 cube — the book box. You can pack it with books, but you can still lift it and the box won’t fall apart.

Medium boxes

3.1 cube — the all-purpose box. Big enough to fit a variety of items, from pots and pans to pictures and collectibles.

Large boxes

4.5 cube — this box is good for packing clothing, linens, and towels.

Dish Box

This box is double-walled and very strong, so it's great for packing fragile items like dishes.

Easy Lift Dish

This box is built as strong as the dish box, but it’s half the size and features handles on the sides for easy carrying.


This box measures 2’x2’x4’ and comes with a rod. You can store your clothes on hangers inside the box.


We have several boxes that are designed for pictures or mirrors.

Bubble Wrap

3/8 bubble and perforated every foot, we sell our bubble wrap by the foot. Bubble wrap is great for protecting fragile items. Place a sheet between each dish or plate for the best protection.

Packing Paper

This is a newspaper without ink. It’s great for cushioning in boxes and for wrapping fragile items like glasses.


Moving tape is the best adhesive for holding boxes together. Tape dispensers are also available for purchase.

Sofa Covers

Leather and upholstered sofas are best stored with a sofa cover to protect from dust, scratches, and tears.