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Storage Tips

Vehicle Storage Overview

Freeport Self Storage provides clean, safe, and secure indoor vehicle and car storage in a variety of sizes. Our drive-up units, ideal for cars and trucks, are accessed through our private parking lot which is completely fenced in and controlled by an automatic lift gate. Each unit features 16’ high ceilings, motion activated LED lighting, nearby power receptacles, and large 8’x8’ roll up doors. For motorcycles, we have units inside both of our buildings to suit any size bike. See storage tips for motorcycles for further information. We use the industry’s first in class pick proof cylinder locks to secure every unit door.

Many people wish to store their cars, trucks, or motorcycles in the off season in order to preserve the integrity of the vehicle when it is not in use. Indoor storage is the best way to get your vehicle out of the elements and maintain it for the future.

Prior to storing, you should properly prepare the vehicle to ensure that it stays in top condition while in storage. The following steps are a guideline to help in your preparation.

  • Change the oil just before you store the vehicle or immediately before you take it out of storage.
  • Detail, wax, and put a cover on the vehicle to keep any dust off.
  • Fill the fuel tank and add a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh and to prevent corrosion in the tank.
  • Make sure the tires are fully inflated to prevent flat spots from occurring. If you are going to store the vehicle long term (6 months or longer), it is a good idea to put the vehicle on jacks, further preserving the tires.
  • Disconnect or remove the battery, although certain vehicles do require the vehicle to stay connected. If you are removing the battery, it is always a good idea to hook it up to a battery maintainer and/or trickle charger to extend the life of the battery.
  • Put a tarp or plastic drop cloth down below the vehicle to collect any fluid leaks.
  • There is typically no need to start the vehicle every few weeks as long as the proper steps are taken to prepare it for storage however, some experts still recommend a 30-mile drive approximately every 60 days.


When you are taking your car, truck, or motorcycle out of storage, there are a few important tasks to complete before taking it back on the road.

  • Inspect and charge the battery.
  • Inspect the vehicle as a whole for any leaks, tire pressure and wear, as well as fluid levels. You will want to correct any major issues prior to driving the vehicle.
  • Make sure your registration and inspection stickers are up to date and that you have an up to date insurance identification card.
  • Before taking off on a long trip, take a test drive around town to make sure that everything is functioning well. 


Once everything checks out, it’s time to enjoy the open road!

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