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4 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Self Storage

October 17, 2019

Most businesses don’t consider self-storage as a feasible solution to any of their problems, this can be an oversight. Here are four ways that any business can benefit from a self-storage unit. No matter if this is a short-term or long-term solution, a storage unit can be beneficial.  

Create More Space

There will always be extra things sitting around in the office: a desk, some file cabinets, old items that aren’t quite ready for the dump but also aren’t being used this season. Why not take these and move them into a storage unit? Doing so will clear up space in the office, as we all well know real estate is valuable so why are you wasting your space by having bulky items shoved in a corner waiting? Move them into storage and when you’re ready you can remove them or downsize completely.


Moving your old and archived paperwork into a storage unit will free up valuable real estate. Not to mention it will help create room. Be sure to follow any laws about storage of sensitive documents, and always use a climate-controlled storage unit for paper. Two more items to remember when storing paper: Use airtight packing to prevent mold, mildew, or water damage; and consider keeping documents in a locked safe or file cabinet.

Holiday Decorations/ office décor

Who doesn’t love decorating for a holiday? Storing decorations in a self-storage unit will keep them out of the office and allow for a lot more organization so you can quickly and successfully locate what you’re looking for when its needed. Additionally, this is a great way to keep your décor from getting smashed while waiting for their time to be on display. Plus, as a bonus feature you now have room for those ridiculously elaborate items that the office closet doesn’t quite have the space for.

Overstock items and Custom Orders

No matter what type of business you have you are sure to have some overstock  or custom orders lying about in the office. Why not relocate these items to a storage unit until they’re needed? Think of the space you’ll have with the addition of a storage unit, plus if you’re in retail you can create a sense of urgency but not having your stocks overflowing. Pack up your storage unit with hot items so that when the shelves are bare you can take pre-orders and then go out to the storage unit and fetch them for immediate availability. Seasonal businesses can store their summer gear in the winter and winter gear in the summer.

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Guest Author:

Mohala Johnson

Director of Web Technology is the easiest way to sum up what Mohala does for Tellus Self Storage and all its 38 storage facilities. Located across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida; Tellus Self Storage has been in business for 30 years. It is our goal to continue to provide storage solutions, education, and training across the Gulf Coast and beyond.





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